Hot Tubs and Spas


Hot Tub for those special occasions luxury or premium models


Electrical Power

1 x 13 amp socket of 240 Volts AC

Area required

Size 6′W x 6′L x 3′H
( 1.8W x 1.8L x 0.9H metre)

  • Clean, clear, flat level area, no low overhangs
  • Access for 1.88m diameter by 80cm wide (on side)
  • Space 3 metres square to set up
  • Space 2.5 metres diameter solid base

Suitable for

Can be used by adults and kids


  • Access to Mains Water within 20 metres (67 feet)

Product Description

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A touch of decadence for that really special party. Seats up to six in a warm water and air bubble jet tub.
Bounce UK Hot Tubs bring you the perfect gift idea for someone very special. Forget the winter blues and treat a loved one to a week filled with spa luxury. Enjoy the luxury of a hot tub in your own home with our quality and value hot tubs. Ideal for special occasions, relaxing after a stressful day or simply having fun with your family and friends, hot tub hire is more affordable than you may think. Stuck for the perfect gift idea for the person with everything? Treat them to one of our packages. You can choose from our ‘Long Weekend’ package or the ‘Week’s Hire’ package. We are here to answer any question you may have and will advise you on the best model to suit your requirements.

LONG WEEKEND Thursday to Monday

WEEKS HIRE (Including Weekend) Thursday to Wednesday

Warm and welcoming Hot tubs offer all year round fun. Whatever the weather you can relax outside in soothing jets of water that stay warm even when it snows. Surprise a loved one with romantic evening outside in your own private hot tub to celebrate St Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, or just because you care. Invite friends and family to join you for a party with a twist, or why not offer hot tubs as part of corporate hospitality events.

Your Spa will only take 15 hours to heat from cold, faster than some much dearer hot tub spas, or we can fill from a hot tap. A Bounce UK Spa is a great option to have with you at your holiday home or caravan as they are portable and quick to heat. In fact our Spas are ideal for just about anywhere.

New for 2016 – Polystyrene Tubs For those who have restrictive access or can’t stretch the budget to hire one of our luxury tubs we now have the option of an inflatable hot tub. These Spas are the simplest Fully Functional Spa on the market and because of the technology used they can hire for under £150. If you are looking for a fun, therapeutic hot tub spa that can be taken just about anywhere then the Spa is the spa for you. Capacity -4 Adults 900 Litres (240 Gallons) Inflated Size 81”×31” 600w Massaging Turbo Blower 2 kw Heater 50w Circulation Pump & Filter, Temperature Control-Adjustable to 40C (104F) Filtration System 110 Litres / hr (500 gal/h) 80 Individual micro-air jets Strong Construction- our recommendation for anybody who wants to try out a spa for the first time or if you would like to surprise your family with a wonderful gift. The Spa is just so easy to use.

Hot Tub Hire

We have hot tub hire schemes to suit every need. Maybe you just want a hot tub for the weekend, perhaps for your friends to enjoy at a barbeque or birthday celebration. Perhaps you want a week-long hot tub trial to help you recover from an injury, or to have your hot tub with you on a fortnight’s holiday to relax after a busy day’s sightseeing. Hot Tub Sales We sell hot tubs at too. And if you love the experience so much after your hot tub trial that you don’t want to give it back, we can offer you a special deal on that hot tub model. Our hot tub sales prices start from just £2,495.

Quality as standard

At Bounce UK you can enjoy the luxury of our bargain hot tubs starting from £150 for a long weekend’s hot tub hire. All our hot tubs are cheap to run, less than 50p a day. A Hot Tub specialist will set your hot tub up and explain how to operate it. Delivery to your door. We offer free delivery for hot tub hire within a 10-mile radius and competitive rates further afield. We suggest you book in advance if your hot tub hire is for a special occasion, so that Bounce UK can make sure you get the hot tub you prefer, when you want it. Why not enjoy a hot tub trial now? Call Bounce UK or email us Health Benefits from

Specifications Points

Size 1880 exterior diameter 740mm deep.
Fits through standard doorway.

Extra air blower on premium model.