Sumo Suits Kids


Pair of Sumo suits and mat. For under 12s

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Area required

Size 4W x 4L x 0H metre
( 13′W x 13′L x 0′H )

  • Clean, clear, flat level area, no low overhangs
  • No projecting hazards around equipment
  • Space as per dimension required plus 2 metres

Suitable for

Not for use by over 11s

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Product Description

Sumo Wrestling is probably the funniest of them all for both spectators & participants! Competitors put on The Giant Foam Suits then try to wrestle their opponents out of the ring or down to the ground. The padded suits offer great protection and is a great addition to liven up your event.

Suitable for most kids over 7 years.

You may want inflatable marquee also.  

Supplied with mats.